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Welcome, to the mysterious, invisible city.

City of Love



MAY 2023

Hannah Roach - Gallery
Hannah Roach - Observation Point-1_edite
Jodrell Bank -Hannah Roach
Saachi Gallery - Hannah Roach
Interior Realities - Sculpture & Saxophone - Hannah Roach

In a realm beyond the grasp of ordinary cartography, where reality and imagination entwine, there exists a city of ethereal essence, a city known as Love. Here, in this enigmatic and ever-shifting metropolis, the streets are not paved with cobblestones or adorned with architectural marvels, but with the intangible emotions that bind us together.

Love is a city of contradictions, a place where beauty and pain converge, where joy and heartache intermingle like the threads of a delicate tapestry. Its avenues wind through the intricacies of human connections, leading its inhabitants on a perpetual quest for understanding and vulnerability.

As you venture into Love, the air becomes suffused with an indefinable energy, an aura of anticipation that whispers in the ears of those who dare to explore its labyrinthine pathways. Each corner turned reveals a new facet of this mysterious city, a revelation that touches the depths of the soul.

The Architecture of Love transcends the physical realm. It is constructed not of bricks and mortar, but of intangible moments and shared experiences. Every whispered word of affection, every gentle touch, and every tear shed in the name of passion, contribute to the ever-evolving skyline of Love.

In Love, time takes on a fluid nature, its grasp uncertain. Moments of ecstasy can stretch into eternity, while heartbreak can feel like eternal torment. The boundaries between past, present, and future dissolve, leaving only the intensity of emotions experienced in the present moment.

Love's inhabitants are a tapestry of souls, each one bearing their own story, their own interpretation of this enigmatic city. Their faces reflect the myriad expressions of the heart, etched with the joys and sorrows that Love bestows upon them. They move through the city like actors in a grand performance, their lives intertwined in a symphony of love's melodies.

The streets of Love resonate with whispers and echoes of longing. The city thrives on the interplay between souls, the delicate dance of connection. It beckons its inhabitants to traverse its lanes hand-in-hand, to explore the depths of intimacy and vulnerability that Love offers.

As the sun sets over Love, casting a soft glow upon its ephemeral structures, the city reveals its true essence. It is not the physicality of the buildings or the sublime landscapes that defines Love, but the intangible force that pulsates within its veins. It is a force that transcends boundaries, cultures, and languages, uniting all who dare to embrace its intoxicating embrace.

Yet, Love, like the city itself, remains elusive, forever slipping through our fingers. We can only catch glimpses of its true nature, like a hazy reflection in a dew-kissed mirror. Its ephemeral quality lends it an ethereal beauty, an allure that compels us to continue our search, to wander its streets and alleys in the hope of unraveling its mysteries.

Dream Tree - Hawaii - Photograph by Hannah Roach
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