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A Liminal Space

Interactive Sculpture

A wooden cube with sides measuring 1.22 metres

'A Liminal Space' is an interactive sculpture designed to explore the themes of transition and transformation. Liminal space refers to a state of transition where one feels ambiguous, disoriented, and uncertain. This in-between space can be psychological, spiritual, or cultural and exists between two well-defined states or spaces. Examples of liminal spaces include the threshold between one's old and new self, physical places of transition like airports, or ritual spaces where one moves from one state of being to another.


The experience of liminal space leads to a shift in identity, perspective, or consciousness, making it a place of transformation and change. It is often associated with mystery, creativity, and growth because it allows for the exploration of new possibilities and the emergence of new ideas and ways of being.


The artwork prioritizes physical involvement over passive observation, emphasizing the significance of physical encounters in aesthetics. The immersive environment encourages visitors to interact with their surroundings in new and unexpected ways, fostering a sense of discovery and exploration. It invites viewers to experience the blurring of lines between social and living spaces and inspires playful movement through the sculpture without explicit instruction.

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