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Hannah Roach - Observation Point-1
Hannah Roach - Observation Point-2

Offering a feminist perspective on the pervasive influence of the male gaze in our society. The towering structure resembles a watchtower or observation post, serving as a symbol of how women can be objectified under male observation.

Challenging viewers to confront the ways in which patriarchal power structures enforce rigid standards of beauty and behavior upon women, limiting their autonomy. By acknowledging the complicity of individuals, the art encourages critical reflection on the effects of the male gaze on women's lives.

The intentionally odd perspective in the drawing creates a surreal effect, further emphasising the theme, and highlighting the distortion and fragmentation of women's experiences under the male gaze.

'Observation Point' urges viewers to work towards a world that values and respects women's rights. It offers a powerful critique of the male gaze and its role in perpetuating gender inequity, inspiring viewers to take action toward a more equitable society.

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